With winter coming on, I thought it would be nice to head to the tropics, at least in spirit. The upshot is a series of undersea creature paintings.

Here are three of eight the largest being 6 x 12. 
They are part of my experiment with dark to light compositions.



I wanted to try my hand at some more minimalist landscapes. As this one developed I used the same palette of blues, greens and white to form the sky and water but used tapping strokes in the sky in a kind of modified scrumble I hadn’t done before. Them I mirrored the colors with straight up and down stokes smoothed out and blended using a touch of water instead of the mere pressure that formed the sky. Once sky and water were in place adding the tree line and reflections was easy.  I finished the land line with a few touches of gold and red.


For the last three years my work has been exclusively collage. Recently, though, I have focused more closely on my old love of landscape with the result that the collage aspect of those paintings has been limited to foreground grasses which do tend to add an element of depth and perspective by creating for the viewer the illusion that he o she is in close proximity to the image looking far into the distance.

Depending on the nature of the scene, however, and the size of the piece I am finding that adding plants is not a requirement to achieve the desired result. Hence my last three small works (the largest is 6″ x 6″)

While I have no intention of abandoning my work in collage, I did enjoy allowing the paintings to stand on their own.

IMG_2290 (2)

Several of you have requested that I post my 2015 show schedule. Here is how it now stands:

MAY 30; Providence Artisan’s Market, Lippett Park, Hope Street, Providence, RI

JUNE 6: Providence Artisan’s Market, Lippett Park, Hope Street, Providence, RI

JUNE 20: Newport Strawberry Festival, Newport RI

JULY 11 and 12: Wickford Art Festival, Wickford, RI

JULY 18 AND 19: Warren Art Festival, Warren, RI

AUGUST 1: Providence Artisan’s Market, Lippett Park, Hope Street, Providence, RI

AUGUST 8: Providence Artisan’s Market, Lippett Park, Hope Street, Providence, RI

AUGUAST 15: Providence Artisan’s Market, Lippett Park, Hope Street, Providence, RI

AUGUST 22 AND 23: Art Fair at Langworthy Vinyards, Westerly, RI

AUGUST 29: Providence Artisan’s Market, Lippett Park, Hope Street, Providence, RI

SEPTEMBER 12: Providence Artisan’s Market, Lippett Park, Hope Street, Providence, RI

SEPTEMBER 19: Providence Artisan’s Market, Lippett Park, Hope Street, Providence, RI

SEPTEMBER 26: Providence Artisan’s Market, Lippett Park, Hope Street, Providence, RI

OCTOBER 10, 11, AND 12: Scituate Art Festival, Scituate, RI

OCTOBER 17: Providence Artisan’s Market, Lippett Park, Hope Street, Providence, RI

OCTOBER 31: Providence Artisan’s Market, Lippett Park, Hope Street, Providence, RI

NOTE: I will also have work on view at the Green Marble Coffee Shop in Stonington, CT through the month of June; at the Yellow House in Stonington, CT, through the months of July and December; and will be featured arist at the Artist’s Cooperative Galery (ACGOW) in Westerly, RI for the Month of August.


Back at the turn of this new century, I made a big series of large works on canvas that incorporated metal washers. For me, they have passed the test of time so I decided to miniaturize the concept and incorporate my current resin-coated works on wood panel – some with pressed plants and – gasp – some without.

I’ll be showing these this season in a number of venues including the Artist’s Cooperative Gallery of Westerly, the Memorial Day weekend VIRTU Art Festival in Westerly, the Providence Artisan’s Market at Lippett Park, and later in the season at the Wickford Art Festival, the Warren Art Festival, the Strawberry Festival in Newport and more. I also have month-long exhibits scheduled at the Green Marble Coffee Shop in Mystic in June and at the Yellow House Coffee Shop in Stonington in July. Hoping to see lots of old friends.IMG_2264IMG_2270IMG_2278


Suddenly, the signs of spring I have been looking for. Yes, the snow is melting and the days are longer but more importantly, Im feeling the energy that flows when my email starts filling up with show invitations. Today I had my first meeting with the president of the Artists’ Cooperative Gallery of Westerly which I was recently juried into. Their next scheduled show is themed “Views from the Street” so my landscapes will work there.

Meanwhile my daughter, Shelley who is a talented photographer with a studio at a nearby converted velvet mill, has invited me to join her for a pop up show at her studio in two weeks. She has chosen some of my abstract botanials for that.

Finally, I plan to introduce a new series of abstract paintings featuring various sizes of metal washers (no plants) and want to produce enough pieces for a meaningful launch of the series at the spring shows.

That means multi-tasking. This week, these are three of five pieces that are in the middle of the process of soaking up their resin baths. By the time they are cured and ready to show, I hope to have many more of all three series waiting for their resin treatments as well. Somehow I’ll have to make time to produce more plants, but with a good foot or more of snow still on the ground, I’m guessing I have some leeway there.


This little interpretation of a Florida salt marsh is 4th in line for its first coat of shiny resin. Temperatures in New England have been at record lows so I’m holding back on the finishing steps of my collage series until Mother Nature gets with the program. Resin likes a nice warm room in which to cure. Meanwhile I just got my first aookication for a spring show out in the mail so will keep plenty of work in the pipeline.

This piece measures just 4″ x 6″ Making small pieces is one way of keeping my work affordable but I’m always open to making a bigger version of any miniature.


I just finished a small custom piece that included a “palm tree” made from simple ferns and sensitive ferns so took the opportunity to take inventory. Fresh out of Mexican Feathergrass but off to Florida in a few weeks where I will hunt and gather them. For ferns I may have to resort to an off-season visit to my favorite nursery. I see Japanese painted ferns in my future.

Meanwhile I received a shiny new photography tent which makes it possible for me to end my long battle with glare when photographing my resin peices. Hopefully this means I’ll be putting more of them into my Etsy shop.


Until now I’ve mastered my resin-pouring skills on little wood panels ranging in size from 4″x4″ to 8″x8″ and I’ve learned a lot. Enough to brave a large 16″16 piece. Not exactly a piece of cake, but in the end it worked. For future pieces this size I may make life easier by using a larger squeegee tool than the playing cards I set out when I resin groups of smaller pieces. Maybe a deck of kid-sized Go Fish cards from the toy department will do the trick. Inexpensive sponge paintbrushes work well for smoothing out the drips on the sides of the panels in the first hour of drying. By then the resin has set enough to stay put during the rest of the cure time.

I made this background wash by dropping well-diluted acrylic paints into a thick wash of water. I allowed most of it to dry at it’s own rate but created some interest at the corners by blowing stronger colors toward the center with a drinking straw. I tried out a burst of dramatic papyrus but, in the end, settled on the smooth curves on nasturtium leaves which nestled naturally into pools of color. These washes are a test for my patience as I have learned that only slow unaided drying of pooled water yields the thin filaments of deep color that I love against the transparencies.


The holiday art and craft show season is upon us and I am getting ready for four of them. On December 7 and 8 I’ll be at Briggs Nursery in North Attleboro Massachusetts. If you haven’t been to this fabulous venue you should make a day of it. It’s that good!

After that, on Sunday, December 14, I’ll be at the indoor Providence Flea whose founders have just been recognized among he best entrepeneurs of the year!
Meanwhile, I’m working on pieces for two season-long shows in Rhode Island. One is at Chapel View, Rhode Islands’s newest high-end gallery. The Chapel View complex is adjacent to Garden City in Cranston.
The second, Peckham’s Greenhouse Local Handmade Holiday Show, begins November 18 and runs through Christmas at Peckhams’s Greenhouse in Little Cranston, Rhode Island. features the work of some 20 Rhode Island and New England artists and artisans.

Once the season is over, I’ll be free turn my attention to new work for May. Meanwhile, hope to keep in touch through this blog and through my Etsy shop. Happy Holidays everyone!!