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This week I’m getting ready to show lots of my botanicals at the Providence Artisan’s Market which forms part of the larger Providence Farmer’s Market at Lippitt Park. If you haven’t been and live within driving distance, give it a try. It’s one of the best anywhere short of Union Square in Manhattan. I’ll have about 40 pieces on display including this simple arrangement of Fern, Fringed Bleeding Heart, Yellow Archangel, Maple, and a trio of Sweet Woodruff ‘stars’. I used just a blush of color in the background and divided the image with a crossed ribbon graphic.

While I pass the week making more botanicals and waiting for the weather to heat up I’ll tuck this into my Etsy shop.




This is one of those days when I wish I had a graphics coach by my side. I’m sure there must be a shorter way to line up shapes perfectly than the one I use. Anyway, once it was done I got right to work on a companion piece which will have the same grey background and different colors in the ovals and outlines.

Meanwhile, my Andromeda is in its next phase — putting out new leaves which will eventually turn green but, right now, are a clear orangey gold. I can’t wait to see how they press! My Sweet Woodruff will be fresh and vibrant all season so I can harvest and process it at my leisure.

Just when I thought the supply of pressed ferns from last year’s garden had been depleted, I was walking the perimiter of my (1/4 acre) property and found these great green ferns which had actually thrived all winter, snow and all. They were growing under my hydrangea where I never remember seeing ferns in the past. I could hardly wait to process them and get to work. Here is the first result. I have one double-headed one that will eventually make it into a larger composition. You can see I used the lighter back side of three of the fronds better to show up against the night sky. I’ve already completed the graphic for a companion piece that will have a wintery aspect. Maybe tomorrow. See the rest of this growing collection here.